Our mission

A digital research-based framework covering every single aspect of diversity, equality and inclusion housed in a beautiful easy-to-use and affordable app that works for all types of organisation in any sector or industry.

For too long the needle on equality hasn’t moved. The world wasn’t getting any fairer so we decided to change it.

Knowledge is power; our ultimate aim is to re-empower organisations using their own data and our ground-breaking framework. We give organisations everything they need to break *their own* new ground in diversity, equality and inclusion.

And it’s working. They love it.

Oh and the best part? We do exactly the same thing for schools - and it’s subsidised by the business side, so they only pay a teeny admin fee.

It works in 3 easy steps...

Organisational leaders do a self-assessment. It takes less than an hour and it's so easy to do - you answer “yes” “no” or “in progress” to everything. There are no long-form answers and no uploading stuff.

Results are immediately available, disaggregated and beautifully explained.

We've reimagined D&I training, put it all online and made it available to everyone in the organisation.